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Witt/Kieffer: Leaders Connecting Leaders

In Healthcare, Interim Executives Fill a Strategic Leadership Need

An interim leader in healthcare can fill an urgent need yet also provide unique insight on the leadership team. Witt/Kieffer CEO Andrew Chastain and Brian Krehbiel - leader of the new Witt/Kieffer Interim Leadership practice - discuss how interim executives fit into today's creative talent strategies.

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Chief Enrollment Officers in an Era of Great Expectations

For chief enrollment officers in higher education, responsibilities have become increasingly complex and expectations have multiplied. This survey report looks at salary ranges and expectations, and whether or not certain skill areas are now more critical to success in the field.

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Thought Leadership

Connections_Newsletter_Lessons from 3 HP

Lessons from Three Health Plan Foundation Presidents

The three major not-for-profit health plan foundations in Massachusetts are led by dynamic women who happen to be friends that champion each other’s careers. Witt/Kieffer's Julie Rosen profiles the three.

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The Changing Role of the Chief Mission Officer in Healthcare

The Chief Mission Officer in U.S. Catholic hospitals and healthcare systems is shifting, expanding. But how, and to what degree? Donna Padilla and Daniel Young reached out to five experienced and highly respected mission executives for their insight.

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Blog Bits

Connections_Newsletter_Lines in the Sand

The Fading Line: Insights from Non-Profit and For-Profit Healthcare Leaders

In recent years, the “line in the sand” that previously deterred healthcare executives from moving between the for-profit and non-profit sectors has significantly blurred. Healthcare organizations are discovering the benefits of hiring leaders from outside their traditional sphere, and executives are enjoying the career growth they experience by “switching sides.”

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Career Trends

Connections_Newsletter_Show the Love

In a Successful Interview, the Feeling – and Interest – Must Be Mutual

In a recent article from The Chronicle of Higher Education, senior partner Zachary Smith discusses the importance of expressing sincere interest in the institution and the position in a first-round interview — and how to show the love.

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Witt/Kieffer News and Notes

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Our summer intern through the Institute for Diversity and Health Equity's Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) shares her experience.

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